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ETSF Indoor Soccer Facility

2011-2012 Indoor Soccer Season





The ETSF 96 Lady Falcons only let in one goal all weekend to claim
the Redoubt invitaional Championship.
HVFC 1 ETSF 1, Camp Forest 0 ETSF 2, TSC 0 ETSF 1 and TSC 0 ETSF 3 in Final. 
Redoubt Champs
Back Row: Nichole Fry, Chris Arthur, Devin Fry, Tori Regan, Christina Lester, Ashley Arthur,
Elaine Obrien, Rachel Jones.  Front...Lea Ann Cutshall, Haley Torbett, Hannah Torbett,
Hayley Loyd, Zoie Green. Not Pictued but in ER at time Cleo Mellish.

Front Row: The ETSF '01 Lady Falcons became the 2011 Kimoyo Cup Champions in Roanoke, VAon May 7-8. 
The girls won 3 games by outscoring their opponents 13-1, which took them to the finals
 where they won 4-2!
front row l-r:  Riley Cox, Annemarie Massey, Summit Cocchia-Dann, Keaton Sant,
Saqqara Scott back row l-r:  Maddie Hise, Caroline Hecht, Spencer Campbell-Garant,
Coach David Strickland

ETSF '01 Lady Falcons placed 2nd in the Julian Brown Memorial Cup in
Charlotte, NC on April 16-17.  The girls won 3 games against all
Charlotte teams scoring 13 goals and giving up only 3 to make it to the
finals where they lost 5-6.
01 Lady Falcons
players from left: Annemarie Massey, Saqqara Scott, Riley Cox, Keaton
Sant, Summit Cocchia-Dann, Caroline Hecht, Maddie Hise
Coach: David Strickland

The 01 Lady Falcons were crowned the CHAMPIONS at the Southeast Academy Classic
 in Knoxville on February 26-27.  They beat TNFC (Nashville) 6-2, FC Alliance 3-0, Greenville Galaxy 2-1 and won the final against Greeneville 2-0.
L-R: Saqqara Scott, Riley Cox, Summit Cocchia-Dann,
Keaton Sant, Caroline Hecht, Maddy Hise, Spencer Campbell-Garant,
AnneMarie Massey   Coach: David Strickland

The ETSF 97 Falcons recently became the Champions at the 2011 OFF THE WALL INDOOR SOCCER TOURNAMENT. The team netted 32 goals  to thier opponients 8 goals.
Back Row: Jon Lucchesi, Niklas Dyhl, Evan Harr, Grayson Garland, Steven Mckinney, Javier Alberto, John Huffman, Jared Lady, Coach Brandon Kind
Front Row Kneeling: Conner Regan Eric Yother

The ETSF 96 Lady Falcons White placed 1st in The OFF THE WALL Indoor Soccer Tournament
Feb 13, 2011 scoring 15 goals. 
Lady Falcons Champs
Left to Right - John Obrien, Zoie Green, Hayley Torbett, Nichole Fry, Elaine Obrien, Hannah Torbett, Megan Lich, Jaden Cox, Ashley Arthur, Coach Chris Arthur




The ETSF 01 Lady Falcons recently won first place in The 2011 OFF THE WALL Indoor Soccer Tournament. The ladies won 3 games scoring 13 goals. The Championship game was won in SUDDEN DEATH.
OTW u!0 girls
L to R- AnneMarie Massey, Keaton Sant, Maddie Hise, Riley Cox, Summit Cocchia-Dann,
Caroline Hecht, Saqqara Scott, Spencer Campbell-Garant Coach David Strickland

The ETSF 97 Falcons were the undefeated Tournament Champions in the Carolina Clash Fall 2010
Soccer Tournament held November 13-14 in Holly Springs, NC, The Falcons won with 25 goals and only 2 goals scored against.
97 Falcons Champs
Back row~John Huffman, Jhordan Santana, John Lucchesi, Steven McKinney, Grayson Garland, Javier Alberto, Niklas Dyhl, Miller Franklin and Coach Brandon Kind
Front row~Connor Regan, Jared Lady, Will Little, Evan Harr, Alec Jacobs, Scott Lich, Eric Yother

The ETSF 99 Falcons participated in The Secret City Invitational in Oak Ridge Oct 2-3, 2010. 
They played 4 games and were defeated in the semi-finals. The results are as follows: Game 1
loss to FC Alliance 99B Gold 5-2; Game 2 win against FC Alliance 00B Gold 1-0; Game 3 (quarterfinal)
win against the Lakeway Chivas in penalty kicks 4-2 (game tied at 1-1 after regulation);
Game 4 (semi-final) loss to FC Alliance 99B Gold 2-1.

Team members are: front row l-r: Ben Gregg, Chris Cahoon, Sam Willoughby, Cooper Williams and Sam Massey
2nd row l-r: Luke Wexler, Isaiah Owens, Patrick Neas and Grant Watson
back row: Coach Ben Wilkinson

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